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Need help [dehacked]

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Im a new editor around here and im currently working on my second wad

im a noob at the dehacked stuff

im only 14 so cut me sum slack here

i want to use BOOM to edit the game,the way i edit the game with WHACKED

theres some frames and stuff that says NULL and that i need to have bex editor to edit,sooo.....how do i get BOOM to work with whacked?

plzzz respond!

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If you have the doom/doom2.exe (both are the same for dehacked works), you can make your patch for it, then load it in boom with comand line parameters (Boom -deh yourdeh.deh).

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Well,like I said,im a noob.So I really not familar with this stuff.

So can you explain in a way a dumbass could understand

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Open the wad in XWE, add a new entry called DEHACKED and then load the dehacked patch into that entry. Or you could click on the entry and then replace it with the patch. Then just load the wad and it'll work.

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You will need to use the Boom program to create the DEHACKED file because it´s the only way you could change its basic features to your own. Well, there are others, but the scope here is DEHACKED patches. (.BEX)

Doom2.exe must be untouched, however the BEX file can, it´s actually a stripped copy of the EXE (only the workable features, like monster speed, and so on).

You could do anything with it, provided you add it when running the source port (zdoom, risen3d...). Doomsday, for example, uses external .DED files.

You will need to include Dehacked information into the WAD, otherwise it will not detect the BEX. That´s why we use XWE for (I think). I don´t know how far can we go in a BEX file (adding gravity strings, complex scripts of events, double weapon), so check the documentation :)

A page to look for: http://www.btinternet.com/~Enjay001/deh01.htm

I´m eager to see your rain/storm/snow patches, if you like :D

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