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Need FPS boost

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I am getting about 20 fps max in Doom 3. How can I up my frame rate???

i have about a 1.4 ghz processor, 348 mb ram, and a gforce MX 4 128 mb video card.

ive tried extracting to pk4 files but my computer doesnt have enough disk space :-\

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well, my dad has offered to get me a new computer for christmas if i cut my hair, my so i may just do that. :-P

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yeah your mx card is holding you back alot.
your system otherwise although barely at spec would run the game with a better vid card.
there modding the x800 on madonion to run at xt platinum speeds and those cards are pretty cheap considering there running as fast as the fastest $500 cards of the day.
but you could also run this on a 9700 pro or 9800 xt or fx 5900 ultra etc.. any 128 or 256 agp card pretty much.
i just sold my 9700pro for 110$ and it was running d3 no problem at all on medium and high settings.

so yes your system is slightly dated for d3 although for under $200.00 you could really improve your games alot.
id recommend if you go with nvidia, a ti4600 or better and with ati a 9700pro or better just go buy your budget.
i just got an x800 xt platinum edition and it is mind boggling.

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well i dont have any personal experience with that card.
i dont know if you are familair with 3dmark benchmarks at all, but you might want to go get 3dmark 03 and 05 although you wont be able to run 05 with that card i dont think.

anyway you can run a benchmark and post your result, but then you can bring up a search and compare and see what scores others with your setup got, then you can change the video card in the search to find other systems like yours with different vid cards to give you an idea of how much of a difference you would see from one vid card ot the next.

for example i ran the 05 test with my system and a 9700 pro and scored 2k pts, then after researching i decided to go with an x800 card and my score was 6k, three times faster, i knew what to expect though before i decided to buy one by looking at the various results from many other users.
its the best way to see what your system would be like with one compnent different.
what is you budget? i can tell you what i would do.

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