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Has any coop-mod yet come to maturity?

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I haven't been following this for months now, is there a coop mod which has already come to some state where you can actually use it? (all levels in a row without major bugs) Or is there at least a promising development going on? Can someone give a link to some project´s page?

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Personally I don't see why anyone would want to ruin the experience by making a Coop mod anyway. Obviously this game wasn't made for coop play and wouldn't work well. Anyone with any common sense could see this.

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Vomit said:

I always loved playing Doom in coop mode

Yeah but the first Doom games were simple enough to support coop mode. Those newer games with all their scripting and events make it quite impossible to play coop.

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I did some research and unfortunately, one of the most promising projects, COOP³, was abandoned just some weeks ago because it utterly lacked people. :-(

I wonder, if there will ever be COOP-only games, just like competitive-only games do prosper in our time.

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