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Naked Snake


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*Three marines walking in a hallway, they accidently go into the Gate Room*
Marine 1:Dude, go to Hell.

Marine 2:No dude you *all three step on the gate teleporter* go to...Hell?

Marine 3:Bastards! We're in Hell!

Marine 2:Um...*Pulls out gun* fuck!

Marine 1:Well, this does suck balls.

Marine 3:Bah! You can sit around and cop out like a whack bitch motha fucka but I aint gonna sit around here and wait ta die!*Cocks shotgun*

Marine 2:Well sheeit! I think we need to kick some *loads up his rocket launcher* serious ass.

Marine 1:Damnit. Alls I got was a pistol! Oh well. If it moves kill it, if it doesnt move its probably dead but kill it again just in case.

Marine 2:Suck my beanbag! I want to kill EVERYTHING!

Marine 3:Yo! Calm down bitch! We gots to um...assess the situation or whateva.

Marine 2:Fuck off retard *smacks Marine 3*.

Marine 3:*Points weapon at Marine 2* Suck dis biotch!
*Marine 1 stops him from shooting*

Marine 1:DUDE! We cant fight!

Marine 2&3:Sorry...

Marine 1:Well lets figure out how to get the fuck outta here!


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