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Wanted : you!!! For our "Recall_to_hell" Mod!

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we're currently looking for terrain-modelers
[we need outdoor terrains and tons of caves and so on...]

mappers, modeler, scripters, coders are welcome too!!!

We offer you an interesting activity in a motivated team.
_You are free to decide if you just want to design a couple of things for us now and then, or if you want to become an integral member of the team. There's no compulsion – just tell us and you are free to leave the project at any given time

if you're interested you can check our mod at this official "recall to hell"-modpage!!!

applications you can send here!


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Please read the FAQ and note that the size limit on images is 640x480. I'll change it to a link for now.

Looks like an interesting project. The screenshots look quite nice. Good luck without your project.

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Amaster said:

Good luck without your project.

Heh. Hopefully he'll do better with his project.

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