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Doom Marine


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Doom Marine said:

3:13 for the fourth UVMAX exit...

Thanks for showing me the new route Rich!

You betcha! Gonna sit down and watch this one right now... Nice way to end the night eh?

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Doom Marine said:

A YouTubed version of my SC26-251 demo.

I used Fraps to film the demo as it was played in GlBoom. Too bad YouTube bogged down the quality to the point of obscurity.

You may try Google Video - they usually have a better video quality. Or, alternatively, feel free to put the real version on my tracker (just send me an email after you create an account and I'll give you upload priviledges).


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Doom Marine said:

I'm not sure how to embed Google Videos on this forum, searched around and couldn't find working instructions for it... got an answer?

Here's the Google Video version of my SC26-251 Demo: Google Video - SC26-251 Demo

Nice - definitely looks better than the YouTube version. :)

As for your other question, I think you need a vBulletin extension for that (either that, or you have to allow embedded HTML, which DW doesn't do), which DW may or may not be using. Some admin should be able to help you there, I'd say.

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I'd suggest recording demos for Doom2 compatible levels with complevel 2.

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I overlooked the compatibility levels recording this demo, or I wasn't even aware of compatibility levels at the time. It was performed with such command lines in cmd:

"cd\prboom 2.2.4"
"prboom -file scythe -skill 4 -warp 26 -record sc26"

Looking back at this, it made my demo a little less authentic.

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