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Can´t get a private match to run

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Me and my brother tested DM today over the Internet, but neither I nor he were able to set up a private server that the other could join. The server simply did not show up in the server list, despite of us refreshing, browsing and filter applying like there was no tomorrow. IP connect wouldn´t work either, the connect button simply went gray and nothing happend. I thought, that the IP address could be got by the NET_IP command, but that gave me "localhost" or something, not an IP address.We ended up joining another server - with other people, of course.
What´s the best way to join a specific server when it´s not on the list? Isn´t there a method to join a server by name? (for example by console command)

A second question: I noticed I wasn´t able to join a lot of servers, due to media packs missing or synchronisation errors. What´s that about? I have DSL connection and Patch 1.1 installed (No major mods installed).

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Connecting by IP has worked fine for me in the past. Are you sure you guys dont have some kind of an issue with your router? Im not networking guy so I cant realy giev much advice on this.

As far as the media paks go, that happens when one of the pk4 files has been altered somehow. Try simply copying them over from the CD (and overwriting the ones on your hard drive). Some mods may alter them and not uninstall cleanly.

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