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Help request: Tattered Ages [Project]

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Tattered ages is based off a story I wrote not to long ago. Its an rpg that centers around a young woman who is a slave in a mine on phobos, held by a cloak and dagger orginization called 'the order of the earth purifiers'. Kuriopen (the player character) is a member of the race that brought the order into existance, now merely a slave at their whim.
Late one evening 'Rio' receives a transmition from a faction back on earth that promises a way to 'return to the old ways' Sympathizers that hold the key to her races' survival... Their rebirth. As the situatiion on phobos continues to dertiorate Rio begins to consider the options, could she get off the planet? Who could she take? Who can she trust?

Very indepth RPG system, similar to strife but more involved with character motivations and agendas that can be furthered or thwarted by the player's actions/reactions.

Non liniear storyline, each puzzle or quest has multiple ways of solving it or achiving the goals set forth. Actions you take will carry on to other parts of the story and will reflect when you go through it.

Story driven action, an actual story unfolds while you play, characters come to light, motivations become defined. The more you play through it the more things come to understanding. Including replays with choices not made, a diffrent story almost everytime you play.

Action, intense firefights and tactical manuvering or stealth and cut throat tactics are a couple of any number of options avialable to you.

Limited Co-op Support: Though not gaurenteed it would allow for 2 to 4 players to wage war on the order on a number of battlefields found throughout tattered ages, these campaigns would also corilate with the story as the players would assume the role of resistance soldiers and actualy 'live out' the battles they witness in single player.

This story will take the player from Phobos to Earth to Earth circa 1200 AD in their quest to end the Order's existance. With several possible outcomes and a multitude of ways to play the story, where will you stand when its over?

If you would like to check this project out sometime please email me at sionnachthestoryteller@yahoo.com. I am always looking for help, though I preffer to do the maps myself I would love to find some graphic artists and am willing to consider other mappers provided we share the same vision... (Pompous I know but I think you understand) Talented ACS programmers are always a plus too **


Progress downloads avialable on request.

Contact information:
Email: Sionnachthestoryteller@yahoo.com
MSN: sirtimberwolf@hotmail.com
AIM: DoomFoxBlack
ICQ: 17608856

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