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Doom Music

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I have a weird phenomena on my computer. If I rename an .mp3 file to *.mp3.temp it will load in another winamp player, so that I can play an .mp3 in one winamp player and .mp3.temp in another. Can anyone else do this? It's fun to copy an mp3, and rename it to mp3.temp and then play both of them, with one starting 3 seconds or 0.3 seconds after the first, so you can an echo or a round going.

I've been making some cool renditions of DOOM music since I have all the MP3s from the Bobby Prince's CD on my PC.

Does this happen with anyone else when they add .temp to the end of an .mp3 file?

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Winamp screwed up the file extensions over here. No mp2, mp3, wav, or midi files would open by double-clicking on them. I couldn't fix the problem in the file types tab under folder options, so I had to uninstall Winamp. After that, the files were back to normal.

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