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What are your fav editing utilities

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List your fav setup

and tell me suggestions on what I should use

tell me if i should switch things around in my map making tools
tell me better map editors i should use and such

also if you dew give me any suggestions make sure the editor is only for windows cuz my com is WIN XP

these are my wad making tools

Whacked-Latest version
Wintex-Latest version
Windue-Second to latest version
Paint Shop Pro 7-this is da shiznit!!!

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Heh, people really should search for old threads when they think of asking a question that probably has been asked many times. I could probably find around 20 threads that ask the same thing if I looked hard enough.

Anyways... I use a mix of Doom Builder and XWE and occasionally DeepSea when I need some odd texture things done.

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I have Doom Builder, XWE for graphics, music, and data lumps, and Wintex for aligning sprites and importing sounds.

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..But, ever since the new release of XWE, I'm finding XWE to be more useful for handling certain lumps, like animdefs or decorate. Also, XWE pwns DeepSea when it comes to aligning weapon sprites. :)

Oh yeah, can't forget MSpaint or WhackEd2.

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impClaw said:

Use Doom Builder it's good with it's 3D editing.

I used Doom Builder, but almost never use 3d mode. I like how it is simple yet maintains it's functionality.
I first used DeepSea when I didn't know how to map. I moved to WadAuthor and would take a long time to create anything. When I tried out DoomBuilder, I started to really make something pleasant looking.

I've always used XWE for WAD management.

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