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Doombuilder flags

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I got a door that only opens if i hit a certain switch

i set all flags and pressed the switch while playing but it did not dew anything!


i will upload the file and post it here so you see what im talking about

could it have something to dew with the heights and stuff?

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kristus said:

It could have to do with a number of things. But yes, heights can be one.

explain.....once i upload the file in a few min
you can download it and load it into youre doombuilder and tell me whats wrong if its something noobish dont talk shit ive been editing only for a week

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Not the switch. But the door.
But it's not really important. If that was the case, you'd most likely have noticed it.

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Can it have something to dew with doom builder itself

like the cfg file is all missed up?

insted of it being s1 it was switch to the flag w1?

is this is a possiblity?

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Are you doing this in hexen or zdoom-hexen format? If so, this sounds like your linedef is being triggered by walking over it rather than using it. Also, does the switch properly tag the door?

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