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Dck and custom flats

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What exactly do you mean? Do you want to add flats to your wad or don't your flats show up in DCK?

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boris said:

Putting them between the markers F_START and F_END might help.

Get the new XWE if you don't already have it. There's 3 steps, or 4, choose FLATS from the buttons on the bottom of the XWE window, "Edit, New Entry", name it F_START, "Edit, Load", select your flat textures (all 64*64 pixels, you know...), "Edit, New Entry", and F_END.

DCK has no problem with flat textures, only has a 768 (or something) limit on wall textures.

Is DoomConstructionKit a level editor? I'm currently using DoomBuilder, since DCK can't be run under WindowsXP(?), is it any good? Recommendable to a previous DCK user? :-) DoomBuilder is pretty alright, just a couple of real stupid things about it that'll annoy the crap out of you while mapping, and taking ALOT of time mapping in small-scale, plus, it doesn't have the 'create-square-sector-quickly' feature that DCK has. And some other dumb things...

Gonna try this DoomConstructionKit right now, I think... :-D

Oh, the most important of all, I think the only way to get flats in DCK is by merging your graphics WAD with Doom2.wad, that's probably your problem there!...

In which case, WinTex is great for merging shit.

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Heh, holy crap. I remember when i used dos-based editors.

Wasn't too long ago actually. :P

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Does DCK work under any of the DOS emulators for Windows XP?
If so, anyone got a nice URL for one of those emulators for me?

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