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Hi Csabo, it's been a while. I had started looking at issues as far back as February or March of this year, when v1.10 was released, but never got around to sending you my observations. Some of those have been addressed in later versions, and some others appear to have popped up.

    1. v1.15 includes a browse button for selection of IWAD, which is great. Same applies to select a node builder and to run a map.
    2. Currently the utility does not show the name of the file that's open. Perhaps the name of the file could be displayed above the tool bar, next to eXtendable Wad Editor.
    3. Loads up large files much faster now.
    4. Is there a way to copy lumps from one wad to another? I.e., simultaneously open up 2 wads in separate instances of XWE, select a lump from one wad and copy it, then paste it into the other wad. It seems the only way to do it is to save the lump, then load it into the other wad. This can get tedious when dealing with many entries.
    5. I had two problems in v1.14 but I haven't tried to duplicate them in v1.15. (Perhaps they have been fixed.) First, I wanted to copy all entries from one wad to another, so I used the method outlined in 4, above. (All the entries were associated with a simple one-sector map with a player start, sector size 128*128*128.) When I loaded the lumps into the target wad some of the entries that belonged to Map02 were moved to the Map01 grouping, which naturally messed up Map02. In the end I manually copied each lump and made sure they were in the correct grouping.
    The second problem is more insidious. Map02 had been modified after I loaded it into Map01. It was still a one-sector map, but the dimensions were 256*256*256. In addition, three things had been added -- a shotgun, a super shotgun, and a short tree.
    I did the same exercise with a third map, and Map03 exhibited the same changes, with the new things in exactly the same coordinates.
    6. List Used Textures, which I thought was a wonderful feature of v1.12 appears to have been disabled in v1.15. It still shows up as a menu item, but the texture list does not get displayed. Likewise for the List Unused Textures item.
I'll keep playing around and see what else I can come up with.

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For a list of the used textures check your C: drive, I found the .txt there after initially dismissing the feature as broken. It'd be nicer to have it displayed in the right hand window.

A remove unused textures feature would be useful, I think.

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Hi ReX, it sure has been a long time. Glad to see you here.

1. Yes, it does. I added this in V1.15. There's also a Find It button, which I think is pretty cool. It will search for the specific file, but it will prefer to go into folders named like "DOOM" or "GAMES" first, so it's somewhat likely to find the files faster.

2. It does show the name of the WAD you open in the status bar (new in V1.15), but adding it to the title bar will be done.

3. Thanks for noticing!

4. You can't copy between two instances of XWE, in fact if you have two separate instances open, things may get messy. I'll work on this issue later. But copying lumps between files is easy.

- open your source WAD, select the entries you want and click COPY.
- If you have more entries you want to add to the clipboard, just keep clicking copy, and it will NOT clear the previously selected entries, but rather add to them. (Also, open up your temp folder - by default, it's c:\windows\temp and you will see what XWE does with these lumps.) Note: there's a new option since V1.14 that disables the 'multiple copy' behavior, but it's not turned on by default.
- Once you've selected all the lumps, just open up the destination WAD, go to the place you want to paste them, and click PASTE.

When the entries are copy/pasted this way, the order of them will be retained. (If you looked at the the temp folder, you'll see why.) This is not only fast and easy (vs. saving the lumps separately), but it will also avoid all the problems you mentioned in step 5.

5. Saving the individual lumps of a MAP is just not the right way. If you do it with one map, it won't be TOO messy, but it's the Windows Open dialog that will sort the names - and therefore mess up the order. If you try this with two or more maps, that will just be a disaster. Like you said, you'd have to arrange them back in order and figure out which lump belongs to what map. Just do copy/paste instead, as described in 4.

6. It's not disabled, it's still there when you open a map. That function lists USED textures.

The menu item you mention is a newly added and incomplete feature, I mentioned it here: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=29241&highlight=removing+all+unused+textures#post494083 In this version I left it in, but it doesn't do much yet. It creates a file (C:\not_used.txt) with the textures that are NOT used in any map. This function is pretty complex to write, because a lot of lumps have to be processed in order to properly determine whether a particular texture is actually used. (E.g. a sky texture could be mentioned only in the MAPINFO lump, or new animations can be created, etc.)

Right now, if you don't use any "fancy" things, just regular doom maps, then you can use that text file to check whether there are any custom textures you've loaded that are not used. I'll keep working on this feature though.

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Csabo said:

4. You can't copy between two instances of XWE, in fact if you have two separate instances open, things may get messy. I'll work on this issue later. But copying lumps between files is easy....

6. It's not disabled, it's still there when you open a map. That function lists USED textures.

I'm glad you pointed out the right way to copy lumps between wads. [The strange thing is that I was trying to merge three wads into one, and didn't even realize there was a merge option in the Files Menu. Still, your explanation will be useful when I'm only trying to copy selected items from one wad to another.]

As for the List Used Textures function, I couldn't get it to display the textures used in a map. [Using v1.12 brings up the list just fine, but doing the same steps in v1.15 doesn't work.] Is there anything specific I need to do differently in v1.15?

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No, there's nothing extra. I haven't changed this at all. Click on any MAP, the map editor should appear, and also the Map menu. In the Map menu, click the last item "List Used Textures". The map editor should go away, and the list of the textures used in that map should appear there instead. It works for me! What happens when you click that item?

Edit: oh, I just got it. It's the new "Open Maps in Preview mode" option, mentioned on the homepage even, and it's turned on by default. When it's on, the Map opens in "preview" mode, which means SIDEDEFS (and a few other things) are not loaded right away. To see the list, click anywhere in the map editor - which fully loads the map, you'll see this because the Things on the map will appear. Or just turn off this option from View|Options|General.

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