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Daily News 5: Spam Spam Spam & Howard Stern Sticks it to the Man

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Would You Like Spam With That?

Our noble fuhrer

Bill Gates, innovator and monopolizer of computer software gets a lot of spam. So much spam in fact, that he has his own department dedicated to filtering about four million spam e-mails he receieves daily. Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, claims that he also receives a good deal of spam, but this is mostly due to the availability of his e-mail address (stevebmicrosoft.com). More on this story here

Stern Firm About Views on the FCC

Having been dealt the unbridled wrath of the "n0toriouz F.C.C.", Howard Stern has found an effective way to fight back. That's right, with satellite radio. Since The FCC has no jurisdiction over satellite radio broadcasts, Howard Stern can continue his long-missed career. After getting a 5 year contract with Sirius to the tune of $500 million, he went on the warpath, holding a conference where he gave out about five hundred Sirius satellite radio boomboxes (valued at about $100 each, plus $12.95 for monthly service). A representative from the Sirius Corporation stated, "We never cared much about the FCC until now. Ever since this has proven to be such a profitable avenue of sales, we've learned to hate them. This situation is just great." More on this story here

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Of course, if you listen to Stern, you'd know that he signed the contract about 3 months ago. His contract with Clear Channel is up in 2006.

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