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i need heklp for make friendly monsters

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I don't know how make a friendly man in a doom2 level using legacy-
I have to use dehacked?
is possible?

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Ferion said:

I don't know how make a friendly man in a doom2 level using legacy

lol. I can just imagine playing a wad with a friendly shotgunner coming up to you saying "Top of the mornin' to ya, gov'nor"

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"Only in zdoom"? Hardly. Eternity has MBF's friendly things. To make a thing friendly, you have to add the value of the FRIEND mapthing flag to it in your editor. The value of that flag escapes me at the moment and I don't have time to check it, but it is documented several places in the Eternity docs so you can find it (Doom Builder and other more enlightened editors will let you input this flag value using the native interface of the editor and not expect you to remember it).

To make an entire species friendly, you have to use a BEX patch and specify the FRIEND thingtype flag in the Bits field, or in an EDF thingtype or thing delta using the flags, cflags, or addflags fields, whichever works best for the situation at hand (I recommend addflags in a thing delta for changing existing types, and cflags for new types).

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DD_133 said:

And also, this needs to be moved to Editing

You are quite the observer! They should make YOU a moderator too. Then you could move shit around all the time!

And also, does GLBoom support friendly men? If not, there's no GL version of MBF, is there?

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