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I have posted on boards for this problem before, but no one seems to take me seriously...

I'm trying to use DoonBuilder, but can't get past the "%F"/%T" stuff in the configuration window. Can someone please simplify that for me in plain english.

I have written several goods/great wads using WADED 1.83, but that was before my hospitalization (No, Waded 1.83 didn't really drive me mad...although I know a couple of local designers that came close.) Anyway, I want to get back in the stream of things, but can't come up with the correct format for saving/loading my wads (Yes, I have downloaded and printed the manual...and even read it.)

If no one can help me can you give me the name of a good editor? I've tried DeepSea upon recommendation, but for some reason it doesn't like XP or the DOS associated with it.

Please, HELP!!!


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You shouldn't really need to be concerned with the %F/%T stuff, the defaults should work fine, but here's an explanation anyway.

Basically, Doombuilder needs to build the "nodes" of a map before it can be played. BSP node data is just a special type of information about the layout of the level that Doom uses to speed up it's graphics. Doombuilder builds the nodes by calling an external nodesbuilder application such as zennode.exe or bsp-w32.exe. The Doombuilder config screen allows you to supply parameters to the nodesbuilder, just as you might on the command line, or with the Run window on the windows Start Menu.

%F is just a tag that you use to specify where Doombuilder should insert the name of the wad you're working on into the command line. So for example, if you were making a wad called deadmode.wad and your nodesbuilder settings were:

'%F -o %F'

Doombuilder would run bsp-w32.exe as:

bsp-w32.exe deadmode.wad -o deadmode.wad

Doombuilder replaces all occurances of '%F' with the name of your wad. This example would cause bsp to take the map data contained in deadmode.wad, build a set of bsp nodes for it, then place the built nodes back into the file deadmode.wad. %T can be used if you want bsp to put the nodes into a separate file, but I can't imagine this is what you want to do, so the above example is what you want.

The same idea is used in the testing configuration panel, only there are a few more tags than just %F and %T.

For example if you were testing using zdoom.exe and set up the parameters:

'-iwad %D -file %F +map %M -skill 4'

When you tested the map, Doombuilder would run zdoom.exe as follows:

'zdoom.exe -iwad doom2.wad -file deadmode.wad +map 01 -skill 4'

Doombuilder replaces each of the % tags with it's corresponding data. %D is converted to the name of the current iwad, such as doom.wad, doom2.wad or strife1.wad. %M is converted to the level number of the map you're currently editing, etc. All the tags, and what they mean, are listed in the configuration window itself.

Is that all clear? Again I have to say that the defaults for all of this should be fine, there shouldn't be much need for you to change them.

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Thanks folks,

And to Cyb, no I didn't lose my brain, just part of it. But thanks anyway.

To Mancubus II: The only reason I tried anything different was because I simply couldn't get it to do the I/O properly.

To Jonathon: Thank you for the very explicit reply, I will give it another try. Thanks again!


I apparently had a glitch in the original download...re-downloaded and it works!

Thanks again!

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