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The Dark Mod

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No, it's not a mod to make Doom 3 even darker :rollseyes:.

It's an attempt to create something similar in style to the Thief series of games - i.e. a gameworld which is a hybrid of fantasy & steampunk, with far more emphasis on thieving, stealth and storytelling than random killing. For legal reasons it isn't set in the actual Thief world, just one that's extremely similar.

The website already has several rather fantastic looking screenshots available, as well as various pieces of concept art and models.

I for one am looking forward to this more than any other Doom 3 mod :).

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The Dark Mod version 1.06 has been released.

Notable additions:

Multi-Mission Campaign Support
Mac OSX support
New Inventor and BlackSmith AI
AI now relight Torches, Candles, and Electric lights
Savegames are now compressed
More support for Multi-Monitor configurations like Eyefinity


The final "Seasons Contest" entries have been released!!!
With these releases there are now over 45 available missions to play!


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I for one am looking forward to this more than any other Doom 3 mod :).

I didn't know that any other Doom 3 mods were in progress still... I mean, is that HeXen one still around?

Anyways, this looks pretty nice. Never heard of Thief before, but this could be a neat setup for it.

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Hexen Edge of Chaos has a demo now, and they are continuing to add levels:


Phobos Mod is still in-progress but they hope to release this year:


Escape from Enemy Mountain has a newer demo:


The "Ruiner" mod has a public beta of their final release:


Arx - End of the Sun still posts progress reports:


Finally, for the graphics whores out there, Sikkpin is still updating his advanced "Sikkmod" which includes such features as Real HDR, Soft Shadows, SSAO, Motion Bluf, DOF:


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I have a problem with this mod...every time I start it I get a runtime error and I'm pretty sure I have the correct patch (1304) any tips?

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Do you have an ATI video card?

If so, is Catalyst AI enabled? (We recommend that you disable Catalyst AI or disable "Surface Format Optimizations" depending on your video card version and driver version.)(I have heard that recent ATI drivers can produce crashes if the CCC is not enabled.)

Do you have mods applied in your Doom 3 base folder? (They may conflict).

Where is your darkmod install directory?

(Mine= C:\Program Files\Doom 3\darkmod)

Try deleting any spare or random gamex86.dll files and let The Dark Mod and Doom 3 rebuild them.

Post a console dump if possible.

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Belated news. (My apologies).

Here are the results for The Dark Mod community's 2011 Seasons Contest:

Winner: Alberic's Curse (by BikerDude)


I used an average of points (x out of 5 voted) for each category then weighted the categories Gameplay x 3, Aesthetics\Story x 2 and Season Theme x 1 ... This is to match the weights for previous contests.


1) Alberic's Curse 81.4%
(weighted average = 4.07 out of 5 )
Author: BikerDude

2) Rake Off 79.62%
(weighted average = 3.981 out of 5)
Author: Jesps

3) Mandrasola 78.5%
(weighted average = 3.925 out of 5)
Author: Sotha

4) Reap as you Sow 70.28%
(weighted average = 3.514 out of 5)
Author: FieldMedic

5) Winter Harvest 57.12%
(weighted average = 2.856 out of 5)
Author = ShadowHide

Moddb article:


Further details at The Dark Mod forums:


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yellowmadness54 said:

This is just too cool, and the ammount of work that looks put into it is simply amazing.


Right now a huge task to get the mod internationalized (and possibly Closed Captioned) is under way. The Thief community has lots of fans and mission authors from Eastern European nations so this will (hopefully) expand the pool of mission contributors. That's in addition to reworked Mine behavior, new Vine Arrow feature, better combat animations, fixes to wasted events at map launches, new male and female AI/NPC characters, etc.

Then... with Id Tech 4 going Open Source, those guys will be kept busy for quite awhile. :)

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Stop crying!

Halloween is not over yet!

All the Halloween Speed Build Contest entrants have released their missions.

Samhain Night on Bone Hill (Author: PranQster)
House in Blackbog Hollow (Author: Stumpy)
A Night to Remember (Author: Fieldmedic)
The Creeps (Author: Mortem Desino)
Dragon's Claw (Author: Bikerdude)

Plus, a bonus creepy mission outside the contest:

Let Sleeping Thieves Lie (Authors: Sir Taffsalot and Bikderdude)

Stop by Moddb and check-out the details and screens!


Stop by The Dark Mod forums to vote for your favorites.


Now get back to celebrating this important fall occasion!

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AirRaid said:

Hopefully it'll turn out better than Thief 3 did. :P

Not sure I understand. Thief 3 was awesome, receiving almost universally positive reviews.

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Vordakk said:

Not sure I understand. Thief 3 was awesome, receiving almost universally positive reviews.

Many Thief 1 and 2 fans felt that the crippled first-person mechanics, loss of rope-arrows and swimmable water, and the many physics bugs and performance anomalies in Thief 3 were all hallmarks of an inferior (console port) edition.

The Dark Mod was conceived at a time when it was unclear whether Eidos would even make a mission\level editor for Thief 3 and the Thief Fan Mission community was up-in-arms about the fact that the editor did not ship with the game.

The Dark Mod has set-out to make the next-gen Thief mission platform that mission authors wanted. I think if you compare Thief 3 fan missions to The Dark Mod fan missions you will find that The Dark Mod is the more enjoyable play experience and looks better as well.

Try Sotha's "Thomas Porter Series" missions or Melan's "Talbot Series" missions and see for yourself.

(That said, I commend the authors of the mini campaign for Thief 3 "The Cabal" for their valiant struggles with the platform and the excellent production of their work.)

One of the Team Members from The Dark Mod made a fix mod for Thief 3 that also addresses many of the usability grievances called "The Minimalist Mod".

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nbohr1more said:


I do agree that Thief 3 could have been better. I think the game's plot was very strong, but you raise some very solid points about the gameplay lacking things when compared to Thief 1 and 2. If what you say about The Dark Mod is true, then chances are I'm going to love it. I'm gonna download it tomorrow when I finally get some time. I'm excited!

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Let me know if you have any trouble getting the mod to run. It seems that some Steam changes have caused troubles and we have some workarounds for that.

v1.07 with those fixes integrated will be here very soon... (internal alpha testing now).

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The Dark Mod v1.07 is out!



Notable changes:

* International language localization support for missions.
* Translated HUD, GUI and Menus.
* Vine Arrows !!!!
* New combat animations and sounds
* Different Melee damage depending on weapon class
* Un-lockable Mines !!!
* New textures and compression of existing textures to DDS
* New models including Jack-o-lanterns, water tower, cloth doll, custom keys (with skins)
* New AI "waif" models
* Steam fix for problems with game saves and installing missions
* Stealth Score fixes

* Vastly improved AI behavior:

"It’s hard to describe all the ways our AI have become more sophisticated in 1.07, mostly thanks to grayman. AI will now properly notice and comment when suspicious doors are left open. They’ll notice rope arrows left dangling in lit areas, and will come over and look up or down the rope to see if anyone is on it. AI will notice if arrows are left sticking out of things (and will no longer call them “weapons”, or comment casually after getting shot with them). AI will do a better job of warning each other about suspicious events now too... If an AI sees the player but fails to catch him, he’ll warn all his friends that there is a thief in the area. If he sees a dead body, he’ll start warning people about a murderer. This causes the friends to start patrolling with their weapons out, ready for trouble. All the new interactions make the AI seem even more believable and challenging."


Folks... Please stop by The Dark Mod's Moddb site and place your vote for Mod of the Year.

(For your vote to count, you need to register at Moddb, otherwise your vote will only be used as a tie-breaker.)

Those hard-working developers deserve some recognition for all they've done and continue to do:




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[size=200]A Campaign for The Dark Mod[/size]

We are pleased to announce that we are working on The Crucible of Omens, a full-length campaign for The Dark Mod, the moody Doom 3-based stealth game by Broken Glass Studios. Playing as the thief and adventurer John Welland Hadley, you will embark on a quest to find a powerful artifact inherited from a shadowy past. You journey will take you throughout The Dark Mod universe, discovering new and exotic locations and meeting new and interesting factions and characters. The Crucible of Omens spans multiple large missions and is being worked on by many well-known TDM mappers and team members.

Features Include:

* A wealth of different environments from the smoke-darkened city of Bridgeport to the icy northlands, from opulent mansions to the cobwebbed depths of forgotten catacombs.
* Gameplay centred on stealth, the pursuit of in-game clues and open-ended exploration, utilising the technical possibilities of The Dark Mod to create a complex, interactive game world.
* New opponents and characters. What drives the pirates of Wrecker's Reach? Who are the mysterious Urielites? And what lurks in the mind of Lord Blackstone?
* AI conversations and player character comments.
* A unique story experienced through in-game actions, animated briefings and dynamic objectives.

No official release date has been set; updates will continue as the campaign development progresses. Be sure to keep an eye out for future updates.

How can I help with the project?

We are currently looking for skilled individuals to help contribute to the project in the following areas:

* artist and animator (cutscenes and in-game animations)
* modeller (campaign-specific models)
* mapper (scripting, bugfixes, testing)
* voice actors (various)
* music composers

Main Mappers:

Angua, Bikerdude, Dram, Fidcal, Greebo, Jdude, Melan

(Note: Images have been reduced to fit board standards. Full-sized samples are available on the TDM boards.)

Finally, please remember to register (free) and vote for The Dark Mod in Moddb's Mod of The Year Contest. (Top 100)


(Note: Unregistered votes will only count towards tie-breaker conditions.)

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I have no interest in this mod, but I'm really impressed by the screenshots. The Doom 3 engine is what, a decade old now? And yet these mod looks very modern, in some cases better looking than some of the games coming out now.

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nbohr1more said:


Haha, was that a six-and-a-half year bump? :)

Awesome work and commitment to this mod though guys. Not played it, visit your website now and again to check out the updates simply because I'm amazed how polished this mod looks and the amount of work gone in to it is incredible. I remember reading some of the docs for the Dark Mod Radiant / editor; someone has put a massive amount of time in to that!

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