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1603 error

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bograt said:

I keep getting a 1603 error when installing doom3 can anyone help my system requirements are ok.

Well thats pretty goddamn vague

Sounds like a software problem to me, ask the people at

1.) Planetdoom
2.) Email ID customer service directly

And how do we know your system requirements are ok if you don't bother to post them?

If all else fails, re-install windows, than do it again.

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Managed to install the programe but when I try to run it it keeps asking me to insert doom3 disk 1 which is already in.

BTW I have checked the system requirements thats how I know everything is ok ta.


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Hi tried that and also reinstalled Doom but got the same prob no doubt it's a problem with the disk.

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Try updating the firmware of your drives. If that doesn´t help, your CDs might be broken. Try installing the game at a friend´s, if the error occurs still, try to get new CDs from customer support.

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