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Weird Video Games

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insertwackynamehere said:

Conkers Bad Fur Day

never played it but when i got halo 2 it was advertised for xbox in march 2005 or something. i guess nintendo didn't want it on their own systems, so they went to xbox.

adventure for atari, while fun, it did have and arrow as a weapon and ducks.

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AndrewB said:

I played Streets for a few minutes one day but then quit. The newspapers in SC2K were the best thing ever.

Once I called my city Gay People Suck, and the newspaper would say stuff like "Residents of gay people are concerned with the latest tax increases." Immaturity at it's finest.

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Hyena said:

Okay, but are all the games I mentioned there C64 games? As for KKK Adventure, Fuck Quest, The Last Einhof, and Weirdland, I have no idea what systems they're for.

The Last Einhof was for the PC. i remember playing it on my old 386.

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