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New Punisher Demos.

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Sorry, I accidentally posted this at the end of my old post, I am reposting it here.

I have bettered my time on the Punisher twice, I have done 19:44 and 12:24 in UV. I am not worried about the monster kill count I am just trying to get to the exit on time as fast as possible. Get the demos here:


And these links do work this time, I have learned my lesson.

I am using the Geocities webspace, because I have not used that space in ages and I thought I should do something with it. And Doomworld forum will not accept my uploads even though they are only about 24KB. I am not doing anything more with this map, I get frustrated dying over and over and I have just got the Master levels to complete my classic Doom collection, so I might run some of those maps. Maybe 'Geryon' or 'Vesperas' That would be very nice. I have done a 100-100 run of Vesperas on the PSX, so I should be able to do it on the PC.

The F&%@ing Pain Elementals always get in your way when you least expect it, I have a few ideas on what I want to do to them, but I will not elaborate. Oh, well at least I can slaughter some Cybderdemons but I have tried not to get too worked up over the afforementioned Pain Elementals. Their name is well deserved indeed, they are a pain in the proverbial. There are about 50 Lost Souls in the map sometimes. Oh, yes, and when is the latest Prboom coming out for Linux. I am looking forwards to the latest RPM. I want to use the Walkcam to study my moves better, I want to do a lot faster than 12:24 if that is possible as a plain speedrun. I have thought about different routes, but I guess you still have to contend with the Chainguys in the Archvile room. I always have problems with that area, since you do not always know what awaits you on the way to the Blue key area.

I wanted to do HR2 MAP32, but that is an overpopulated childish mess of Cyberdemons and Archies that I have not seen in a long time outside of the Idgames archive. I can beat Doom2 MAP28 in Nightmare mode, yet I died in that map in about 7 seconds! Maybe there is a way to do it, but I cannot manage it yet. But if I did manage that it would be a enormous achievement.

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bejiitas_wrath said:

Sorry, I accidentally posted this at the end of my old post, I am reposting it here.

No, actually I merged the threads since they were on exactly the same topic. Keeps things neater and avoids crossed wires and confusion, I think.

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