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I don't understand XWE

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That's right I don't understand it one bit.

How do I replace an existing texture?
I fígured I would just click "replace" and select the texture I want to import, but that resulted in XWE cropping the original texture (128x128) to 64x64. Definitely not what I wanted :-(

So how am I suppost to replace textures?

I have a wad which contains new textures I made and want to put them in another wad. I can't do all of this manually because it is too much work (like 200 textures). How do I replace original textures with the new textures all at once. The new textures already have the same names as the originals they are going to replace.

When I tried to put the textures in the new wad the were simply added to the list of entries, but didn't replace the originals.

Thanks in advance...

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The first problem (cropping the image): I could not reproduce this. I replaced a few textures this way:

- click on the lump, it comes up and displays
- I clicked Enrty|Replace and selected an image

That's it, it worked. If you want help with this problem please write down in detail what steps you have taken, and possibly post the image file you tried to replace.

Replacing multiple textures: you can't do this in one step. First, select all the ones you want to replace and delete them, then import the ones you want to use. That should be it. (You have correctly describe what XWE always does when importing, the new lumps get added to the list, it never removes or changes an existing lump in any way.)

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I figured out what I did wrong with replacing a single texture. I used a gif file instead of a bmp :-P

But I'm still stuck with the second problem. How do I import multiple textures from another wad?
XWE puts all the textures at the botom of the list. How do I get them in the right position saved as the right type (patch/ sprite/ floor etc)?


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I'm not sure exactly what part of the import/export you are having problems with. Here's the basic idea:

- open you source WAD (the one you want to copy from), and select all the entries you want to copy. Click Edit|Copy.
- open the destination WAD, and click Edit|Paste.

You don't have to do anything to get the format right, it copies the lumps as they are.

Another idea: you could just merge your whole source WAD to your destination by click File|Merge, and then delete any entries you don't want.

Certain lumps should go between markers, e.g. if you are copying flats, when you open your destination WAD, click "FLOOR" from the Filter, and then Edit|Paste. This will add the markers automatically if you did not have them, or if you did, it will make sure that it goes between the markers, and not just the end of the list.

Does this help?

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