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File not found error message

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Greetings again:

I have started designing wads again, but have run across another problem.

When I try to test them, I get the error message: "Doominch.dll" not found. I have searched all locations and it's not there. What is it for, why don't I have it and how do I get it?

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doomLnch.dll is the executable for the Doom95 launcher.
I recommend you point your editor to use a different exe than doom95... doom(2).exe perhaps. gl.

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Thanks for your reply.

Since then I've tried tried several sites, but even though they state Doom (2), I still get the same error message.



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What editor are you using?
Try testing the wads from the command line instead of using the 'test' function in the editor.
(a real wad designer could speak up anytime... :) )

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