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A pic for college

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Can't quite say i've done anything i could be proud off yet for my course, but here's a lil something.


Still in its early stages as you can guess. I'll finish it off at some point and post the finale.

Oh and some rushed sketchy stuff. About 20 mins (minimum) each. Not proud of them either.

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Well they're not bad, but I think you should probably take some more time on them before posting them. I do like the waterbottle though, especially the shadow. You're pretty good at getting the water effects right, what with the light shining through it and all. I've never been that great at doing water, maybe I'll have to study this a bit more.

Oh yeah, how are those deviantart accounts? Do they cost anything, and are they decent hosts? Right now all my stuff is up on my crappy geocities account, and the large size of the pictures plus limited bandwidth means that I can't really display them.

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Well for deviantart, i would mainly only recommend it if you're looking for someplace to store pics and stuff. Accounts don't cost a penny, but you can subscribe to get all these bonus features etc (which they're seem so keen on pimping these days).

Otherwise deviantart can be quite laggy on special occasions and chances are you won't get much pageviews. Some people around here are scared shitless of deviantart i might add not that i can blame them. I'd get my own website myself but since i know no one will go to it, i don't fancy wasting money just yet.

Alternatively you can go to that img\photobucket thing that people here use these days (can't remember the link sorry)

As for the bottle pic, observations would be great (i'm sure Silvy would have a field day looking at this pic), though i'm already aware the bottle lid and the shadow looks iffy

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Wow. On that waterbottle -- I wish I had that understanding of drawing specularity. It would help a lot in hand-drawn and pixel art.

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Hm, college. I never stop hearing from my freinds how big of assholes college art teachers are. They place importance in the things I'm not (or desire to be) strong at, such as presenting your work and actually having a meaning why you made something. I draw/paint up whatever I feel like when the moment comes, which usually ends up being a glorified version of either of those two sketches basicly. Some day, I'll build a decent portfolio (I accidentally threw out all of my good stuff) and rough it through college anyway.

The water bottle's pretty good. You included some detail that I would have just skipped, namely the transparent shadow. I'm too dyslectic to handle drawing most inanimate objects or boring sceneary, heh, so I applaud your ability to draw such a thing.

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