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8-Bit Theater

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Fans of the "8-Bit Theater" series should be made aware that the artist is looking to start a campaign to get his cartoon accepted as 5-minute shorts on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.

Not considering legal entanglements with Square-Enix for permission to use original game art, he sees this as an ideal source of money to fund his law school education. He's ready to go ahead with it as we speak, and the forum regulars support this venture.

As am I.
As should you.

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I wouldn;t say 8-Bit Theatre is shit, but I wouldn;t compare it to Blackadder. A better analogy would be to say that it's like the Young Ones if Young Ones were made by a pop culture sponge who grew up in the 90s...but half as scatalogical.

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Black Adder is good, need not bring shit in to comparisson.

I never said it was as good as, I was merely saying that it follows the exact same formula :P

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