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Unofficial Doom 3 Movie Site

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This popped up out of nowhere and I honestly have no idea wether this would be fake or not. But considering that the movie has been filming since October and is scheduled (assuming the schedule wasn't disrupted) to end filming on January 28th, 2005, who knows.


There's 3 pictures here. One which the person claims to be the stand-ins for actors, a second that is some sort of helicopter or something hanging from a crane, and a third one of what is supposedly a UAC I.D. card scanner with a number pad that looks photoshopped (to me).

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Third one is the worst by far... No idea what the second is supposed to be.

The keypad just looks like a sticker... With a few hours work, that whole carboard "machine" could be made with very little effort.

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Oh my god, I just checked the page. Oh my god...

I can see that this so called Doom Movie has:
Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan (Isaq - Duke/Bat - Mac) teaming up again.
A weird version of Bill Gates (Martin - Portman)
A N'Sync wannabe (Pavel - Goat)
A very shiny version of Samuel Jackson (Luis - Destroyer)
One of Quake II grunts (Jan - Sarge)
And a guy wearing his bigger brother's jump suit (Ondra - The Kid).

I know I bumped an old thread, but sorry, I HAD to take this out of my system...

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