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Wintex error (16-bit subsystem)

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Lately, when I try to run Wintex, I recieve this error message. Key word being 'lately'. It hasn't done this before.

http://dcind.mancubus.net/subsystem.GIF (10kb)

Clicking "Ignore" does the same thing as clicking close.
Also, the file mentioned in the error isn't there... If it's a file at all...

I'm running Windows XP Home (v. 2002) with Service Pack 1.
Again, it's never given me this message before, which leads me to believe a virus is involved... I've run AGV Free edition and wasn't able to find anything. It does this with several other programs as well, such as Magix MIDI Studio. So, yeah, I'd kinda like to get this resolved. Plz hlp kthxbye

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Wow. This is the first time an article at Microsoft.com has ever helped me. Thanks, man. It worked perfectly and gave me no trouble at all. :-D

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