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Additional Titles and Pictures in ZDoom?

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I recently downloaded "Cold as Hell" Partial Convertion and fired it up. When starting the actual gameplay, there is a nice fade out effect to present a quote from some writer (fitting to the theme). Also, the Chapter Number and Name are displayed in big Doom-letters on screen at the beginning of the first level - again with fade out effect.

I would like to know, how this can be done. Was it done with ACS? Or can it be done with a LUMP?

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Yes, it was done with ACS using the hudmessage command. Hudmessages can display both graphics and normal doom text. To change the font, ue the setfont("fontname") command. Currently there are 3 font types, smallfont, largefont, and confont. You can use a utility somewhere in zdoom.org to make your own fonts. As for displaying graphics, just make a new graphic you want to use, put it in your wad, and tell the hudmessage to display it. Sorry, but I don't know how to display graphics with hudmessages(yet...).

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MasterOFDeath said:

Sorry, but I don't know how to display graphics with hudmessages(yet...).

There's nothing simpler:

LOad the pic with


and then display the string "A" with hudmessage. Coordinates are another matter though. You'd have to try and find the best anyway.

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