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Deathmatch Testes

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Okay, so I made a deathmatch wad and now I can't figure out how the Hell to test it. I spent about an hour fuming at ZDaemon and cursing the name of everyone who helped program it before I realised that my router was blocking so I couldn't join my own game (lolz).

So does anyone have any idea how I could test my map in a real deathmatch setting?

It was made in Boom format, so no Legacy or any of that crap. Also, I know shit about getting aroudn my firewall. Soon after I got my computer a couple (shit, almost 3) years ago, I spent about a week trying to fuck with it to bypass it and I failed. Note that I'm very stupid when it comes to computers especialy network stuff.

Um yeah. Thanks in advance.

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Heh, I'll be asleep in a few hours (it's 2 AM here) and I probably won't wake up until 11 am or so (-8 GMT). So heh...thanks for the offer though.

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The Ultimate DooMer said:

Turn your firewall off?

Um, I can't. It's a router. And I already explained I have no idea how to bypass it.

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