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Half-Life 2: Deathmatch

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i havnt gotten to play witht eh new hammer editor. i asume things a really differnt compared to half-life. i was getting good at doin gsome maps but never completed any. i would have a small idea and do it, then get bored. the only complete map i did was for a graphics class in high school. sence the computers we used where shitty and down alomst every day. i made a map and got a 100 percent for it. i even had to bring in my laptop to do it cause the computers there where so terrible.

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I am sorely dissapointed with the lack of variety of models in HL2DM. There are like 3 model variations with different heads and skins. You can't even choose your own color for the models like in Half Life 1 (Woo custom primary and secondary color pallete). Halo 2 may have only had two models, but you could completely customize the colors and your emblem. Fairly high-res sprays in HL2DM are cool, but the decal limit is set to 300 so they dissapear in about 3 seconds.

Half Life 1 had zombies, military grunts, scientists, generic hev suits, barney, robots, gman, Gordon clones, and the hazard course chick all choosable right out of the box. Really there's nothing to make anyone in HL2DM unique and to me that just makes the game very dull and boring. :(

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