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master lockwolf

i need an idea

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kill ridiculous numbers of Icon of Sin which guard a crates,

lolz, that's the most insane thign I've ever seen that generator pull op.

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How about a superhero mod. You start out as an insurance borker headed to work. In the office building, the elevator rope snaps and you jump to the rescue and realize some internal superhuman strength you have bee imbued with. You put this to work fighting crime throughout a virtual city, and at scripted times new challenges arise while saving people where you deveop new superpowers. Like metrois, the game would be open ended and new super powers would unlock secrets in previous areas. Super jumping would enable you to reach powerups on high ledges, super speed maybe you can reach something new. Alll this leads up to a major conflict where the player is killed saving the town from a maniacal madman.

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The best inspirations are novels, TV shows, movies, looking at building architecture, journeys to far, exotic countries, music, and last but not least: other games and other .wads.

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