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Looking for Strife sprites

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I'm looking for the robot sprites from Strife (the small walking ones, not these that look like balls or the ED-209). I remember to see some wads with them, but I don't remember the name.

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WildWeasel said:

I recall Kaiser's DSV-5 had lots of Strife sprites in it.

It does indeed include most of Strife's robots in some form.

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Thanks, I downloaded DSV 5, but for some unknown reason even if the zip is 5,04mb when I try to open it it apear to be empty. Do I need a diferent zip extractor, or the zip is corrupted?
Anyway, as I heard, DSV 5 includes modified Strife sprites, I don't know if that modifications fit with my mod (I have to see), do you know another wad with sprites from Strife (I'm looking for the small walking robots).

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