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video card versus ram for performance

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I'd been waiting for doom 3 to come out for Xbox, but the waiting got to me, so I broke down and bought the PC version. I knew my PC would be able to run it in low quality, and I thought that would be fine. But now I'd like a bit more detail, so I'm considering upgrading my PC a bit.

Current specs:
P4 2.4
512 RAM
ATI Radeon 9200 (128mb)
blah blah blah

The game runs fine in low quality with all the advnaced settings turned off. I still enjoy the game and still jump out of my chair every now and again. But I want more.

So my question is this... now much performance gain can I expect from just a video card? I'm wondering if/how much my processor/ram will limit performnance even with a better card.

I want to run it at high quality with advanced options on (or at least shadows). I'm thinking about the GeForce FX 5900 XT (seems to be the best bang for the buck).

Thoughts? TIA.

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From the looks of your specs, you won't have to worry much about your processor. As for the video card, it depends. You don't need the top of the line video card to enjoy Doom 3 at the fullest, since you have a really decent cpu processor, you could go for something older, perhaps something slightly more cheaper than the fx 5900 xt, as long it has the required hardware to render Doom 3..

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Ignore the 5900 XT, and find yourself a 6600 GT. It's an excellent card, and pretty cheap too. Gives higher performance than the Radeon 9800 series in most new games. It's only 128MB, but it outperforms a whole bunch of 256mb cards.

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