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2 questions pertaining to weapon sprites

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Has anyone made any right-held versions of the doom weapons that I could steal I mean use and credit?

Also, didn't NMN post a weapons making tutorial? I can't find it, either by searching or by looking in the infinite pages of threads, so if someone could post a link it would be nice. :/

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Theres a wad for legacy out there that has right-side views of all the weapons, some of them look really cool (pistol, shotgun), others not so good (Chaingun, its obviously been lazily skewed and looks jagged, plus its black), while the BFG has been done from scratch and looks a bit different, but still cool

Unfortunatley, i dont remember the name of the wad, i've been "out of" doom for a while, thanks to a HD buggerup, but the maker of the wad posts on these forums now and then so he might come here

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Deathbringer: the WAD in question is "Doom Forever".

There's an angled BFG in Action Doom, as well as my own "Extreme Measures 2" and Xaser's "Action Revolution".

Then if you look at DT-COG you can find an angled plasma rifle.

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I like Xaser's use of the Wrathverge from Hexen as the Action Doom BFG. It fits really well and is well balanced. And alot more fun than the normal BFG. :P

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