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Licence to spell Doom

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In The Ultimate Doomer's "007 Licence to spell Doom", I'm stuck on e4m4. I'm at the point where you have to escape the building before it explodes. I ran out in time and got to the ocean/lake/whatever, but i still die, so obviously i'm trying too hard. It gives me a measley MINUTE before it blows up giving me like, no time to think whatsoever. help would kick ass right about now.

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You have to go to the northeastern or northwestern room where the explosions blew a hole in the wall. From there you have to swim to the boat nearby. If you reach that boat the level is over. Don't bother fighting any monster on your way there because it only wastes time.
Alternatively ypou can exit through the doors on the east side and swim to the boat from there. This takes a little longer but is easier.

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