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Captain Red

A Sten and a Thomson

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Alright, after flipping through Nmns and Scuba Steves weapon tutorials, I decided to take a crack at making my own weapons, and this is the result:

Aside from the hands (from Blood and duke Nukem 3d) they’re from scratch, but they might have been inspired from Medal of Honour: Allied Assault

Alright, let me have it...

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Very good. The color selection makes them appear very less "cartoonish"-which is a plus. Thumb Up.
altough they could be better.

I recomend working with photo references when making weapons. Not only You won't get lost in how the weapons look, the photos contain a lot of useful details You can put to weapons making them looking better and more detailed :)

That Sten has quite a long front (thin) barrel. The holes on the main barrel also seem placed a bit awkward. When placing something on the weapon (stripes, holes) try to think of the form of Your object. A barrel is a cylinder, try to think as if the holes were wrapping the cylinder (like they were stickers on it).

The Thompson is quite wide. I think it would be better if it was thiner, but a bit taller. The front wooden hand is below the barrel, not side of it. But the way You made it look like it's worn-out metal looks very good :)

You're on the right track. Right now I'm really busy with homework, but in the evening or tomorrow I'll try to post some pictures that could improve Your weapons.

And I'm glad someone used my tutor :)

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I could use these actually, maybe if I ever do World War DOOM2, a WW2 weapons mod I have plans of doing for EDGE(Would use ZDoom, but alot of hitscan weapons that I must do custom :P)

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