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Is there a way to bring back my lost work?

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Heres the story:
Make a really awsome Doom 3 city level for a team based mod im makin. I add in a skybox. It deletes all the brushs inside the block (and I am sure I didnt click on CSG Subtract). Now the map wont reappear.

No to get to the point...
Is there a way to bring back my lost work? Like a backup thingy or something.

Some mabe thinking "wadaholic, your map is proberly shit anyway, why us bother to help you bring it back", well, heres a screenshot...

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Doom3ed saves by default to 2 different autosave slots every 5 minutes. In my case I can find them in the root of the HD I have Doom3 on. I suggest you look there.

BTW; why didn't you just hit CTL+Z a couple of times?

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Ok, I did a search and these are the results that I found in the Doom 3 folder for my map "citydoom2"

Also, BTW, I didnt save it after I added the sky sphere and when I load it the blocks are still missing :(

EDIT: What files would be the backup ones?
I also have a mod called GuardSentry loaded onto my computer.

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