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Seamless looping media players

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I currently use WMP 2 (it loops seamlessly) and Winamp for other stuff.

Does anyone know where I could try a media player that loops seamlessly? WMP 2 works only for so many types of files, and Winamp doesn't seamlessly loop. Where could I try some players that can support a lot of file types and loop seamlessly?

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Try getting a gapless audio plugin for Winamp and then only putting one track in the playlist. I've done that before with successful results.

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I downloaded some codec pack that came with a media player (which seemed based off WMP2 somehow), and it has rather nice looping for the most part. Of course, it helps that all the codecs I downloaded with it make videos actualy run rather will on my computer even if they're bigger than 600x400 or so! High-quality DVD rips are still a little chunky, but other than that it's yay. Wait, what were we talking about?

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