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Random crashes to desktop.

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Sometimes Doom 3 just randomly crashes to the desktop at random points of the game, sometimes at the main menu, sometimes in-game, etc... What the.....?

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Could be:
a) A driver issue. Try updating your video and sound card drivers (yes, sound card drivers have made a difference for others.) Dont forget to update directx as well. Current version is 9.0c. Also get the latest 1.1 patch for doom3 if you havent done so already.

b) Overheating. Cant really help you with this one :P

c) Programs stealing focus and interfering. Make sure you dont have any spyware on your machine. Try closing down any background programs.

d) Gremlins.

How long has this problem been occuring? Is it something recent? Have you made any changes recently? It might also help if you post your machine specs.

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It has been happening since I bought the game... I have heard many other people have the problem too... It crashes like, every 5-60 minutes.

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I have the same problem. This computer is fantastic and I've tried everything I can find to try and fix the problem, but nothing works.

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