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Corrupted Marine

legacy editing

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id like to start some editing with legacy, and i cant find a help file. im going to use doombuilder. could someone help me out. i need this:
1.tell me how to set up my doombuilder. (do i set up my doom legacy with the doom2.wad or some other file?)
2.tell me where i can find a help file to learn how to use legacy.

i would really appreciate all this. what im really shooting for is creating 3d floors. like creating object such as tables and ladders and such, by stacking 3d floors.

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Hi CM i've been editing legacy for a while and i can tell you how you setup build. When doombuilder opens select "File -> New map", in the "Game box" select "Doom Legacy". And press ok button. Start editing.

You can learn about Legacy in RainBowStar.wad wich is included in the zip-file.

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