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Some more drawings

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Excellent, as always Juice. :)

I only dislike those "spikey" hills in the Wrack picture, but nonetheless, well done. Atmospheric. Sky could've been a bit more dense IMO.

Cyber's face could've been much cooler if it used "normal eyes" instead of bunch of eyes IMO, but it's still well done.

Hooded looks very cool. Very Hexen-ish, excellent shading.

Archvile I've seen in the past-so You know my opinion. Great! :)

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:D I like the third and fourth. The many eyes just make the overall creepyness rise up.

Then the detail on the fourth makes me happy.

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I love the Arch-vile though his head is as smooth as an egg. Hooded looks cool, alot of character there. and I multiple googly eyes on the cyberdemon look goofy IMHO.

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The first, second and fourth one: the little eyes just look kind of weird. By the way, what is the second one supposed to be?

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