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Thematic Elements 2 - Mappers wanted

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I'm going to be making a sequal to Thematic Elements.
It will follow the style of the original Thematic Elements, only this map will have four sections, which you can enter at any time, and they will be in the theme of the Ultimate Doom episodes. eg. ep1, ep2, ep3 and ep4. (I will take ep4)
The difficulty settings will be like this:
Hey not too rough: Doom2 UV difficulty.
Hurt me plenty: Plutonia UV difficulty.
Ultra Violence: Hell Revealed/Alien Vendetta UV difficulty.

I could do this all on my own but it would take a fair bit of time and it would seem more 'thematic' if different authours contributed to different sections of the map.
If you want to make a section of the wad tell me what episode you want to do in this thread and I'll send you a PM with info about what you need to do.
And no newproject tags, I have something to show, the original map. ;D

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