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do you use strafe 50?

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Ok I'll tell you guys what strafe50 is. You probably know that there are two ways of strafing, one is with seperate strafe buttons, one for strafe left, and one for strafe right, the second way is to use the strafe on button and then the turn buttons become used for strafing. To do strafe 50, use both methods of strafing at the same time, so for example, press strafe left, strafe on, and turn left. Normal strafing is speed 40 when running, and strafe 50 has a speed of (you guessed it) 50.

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Yeah, I use that quite a lot in DM :)

See, this is exactly what the TRUE doomers what have been missing.

Jumping/mouselook = crappy quakey
Strafe50/wallrunning/BFG = the essential doom

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