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[HALF-LIFE1] Question

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What is the key array to use 'jump-suit' in HL1?
(Before go to Xen, you can get this.)
Some say it is 'W + Ctrl + Space-bar' but it dosen't seem to work.

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There's a sequence to it.
While you're running forward, press the "duck" key. Before you come to a complete stop, jump.

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999cop said:

It's taught at the training session in game.

That may be true, but the holographic instructor doesn't do a very good job of teaching. The best way to learn the long jump is to play Super Mario 64 and master it there (where the signs do a much better job of telling you what to do), then adapt the skill to HL. I'd imagine that not everybody wants to play a friggin' Mario game just to learn how to play HL, though, particularly not if they're biased against Nintendo for whatever reason.

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Heh, stupid jump pack. You don't get it until the end of the game where it's practicaly worthless due to the low gravity of Xen. Also it's kind of a rip off of the jump boots from the first Duke Nukem. :P

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