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Bite My Penis

Hi, i'ma noob! Help me out.

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Hi there, I am a noob, could you guys please tell me what doom is? I wouls really like to know. By the way,I am christian. So if there is any other christians out there, give me a holla' dawg.If you could I'd like to know what Z-DOOM is or that new DOOM 3 I heard some kids talking about. Thanks,

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Doom is a game where you run around and kill various monsters that are roming around the area. There are no partners to help you. In every level, your only goal is to get out alive.

ZDoom is a source port, which means that it is a modification of the Doom engine, with various new things added to it. ZDoom doesn't improve the graphics very much, but it allows you to "script" events with a mini-programming language called ACS. In addition, it also lets you add thing such as slopes to your levels.

There are other source ports that do various things. JDoom is OpenGL, which improves the visuals by making monsters, items, weapons and the player 3D models and much more modern lighting. It also has scripting with .ded files.

Doom Legacy is sort of a mix of the two. It has a software and an OpenGL mode. It also supports true 3D floors, something ZDoom cannot do. Legacy also has scripting via Fragglescript, which is not a flexible as ACS but still gets the job done.

Also, there are multiplayer source ports , such as ZDaemon and Skulltag, but I'll let somebody else explain them. However, if you want to play with more people, ZDaemon is the way to go.

Doom 3 is an all new Doom game. Do some reasearch at our Doom 3 boards for more info.

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