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Belive me, i've tried everything to get a movie to work (please don't say "whats your problem with viewing them?") Anyways, would it to be possable to have a demo uploader? Ya know, like ESL, where you look for the demo, click it, then click go, and that demo you selected would run?

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A demo doesn't contain information about which iwad or pwad was used, so it wouldn't be possible to automate this fully, except perhaps in the case of demos with completely standardized filenames (such as compet-n demos - but even then there is the issue of Final Doom demos, where you can't tell from the file-name which exe was used).

What I do is have lots of actions defined for the lmp file-type (e.g. "Play with GLBoom (Doom2 + Eternal)", with the appropriate command line defined*), so I just need to right-click on a lmp file (wherever it is located, including in a zip file), and choose the appropriate action. I won't have a predefined action in all cases of course, but this certainly saves time in many cases.

In other cases, I'll often drag and drop the pwad and lmp onto a glboom icon.

Otherwise, it's just the good old command line, which really isn't all that difficult to get to grips with.

If you give a specific example of a demo you want to watch, that would make it easier to offer specific advice.

Incidentally, Eternity and PrBoom/GLBoom already do a significant amount of the work you're asking for, as they can normally autodetect the demo format (and set their compatibility level according), as long as it is one of the demo-types that they support.

* In the case of that example:
C:\DOOM2\glboom.exe -file C:\DOOM2\Eternal.wad -playdemo %1

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