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[Model] FireCat MK2

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Yeah, another 'book weapon'
The FireCat is used in special assault applications where firepower must be put down quickly and efficiently while mobility is still required, usual attacks include voley fire of 2-10 grenadiers.
Targets include but are not limited to: Buildings, light armor vehicles, some tanks, personel.

Seige class weapons are usualy used for prolonged combat (IE: assaulting a compound or during HEAVY fighting) Typical Applications of seige weapons could include fire support for an assaulting element or cover fire for an escape.

the FireCat can use conventional explosives, tear gas, incediary grenades (phospherous or napalm) and the more exotic EMP grenades in it's mission. Fired with the asistance of a 'vindicator' Shotshell, this weapon can also double as a shotgun should the scenerio call for such.

So there you have it... *ahem* and they say I lack imagination O_o

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