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Naked Snake

3drealms breaks the silence

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That's right. Duke Nukem Forever - the fan video by Andrew Kepple has been released. Andrew has released several hysterically funny videos over the years. It's definitely worth your time to check out. You can view it here. Andrew is also responsible for such silliness as the Fanumation "French Erotic Film", "Commander Keen: 10 Years On", and Dopefission, all of which are cool.

And yeah, we're still here, despite the last update being in September.

They forgot to add "The game will be out when we stop fearing Doom 3, Half Life 2 and Halo 2...maybe we should make DNF for the PS2!!! OR DREAMCAST!!!"

Well, they already did for the Atari

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I chuckled for about 10 seconds and then closed the window.

It doesn't really match the voice in Duke3D, though.

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I thought it was kinda cool to see all the Duke Nukem's together... but as for it being humorous, I really didn't find it to be funny at all. The bubble was a nice touch though.

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"...And I'm all out of teeth" indeed.
What is John Stamos doing nowadays anyway?

P.S. What a waste of a 1000th post.

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