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Firstly, my apologies if these have already been asked before, I tried looking around with the old search button but I couldn’t find what I was seeking.

The following are questions for any source port, or even no source port.

1. I was wondering if it is possible to make a sector heal the player, rather than hurt them. And is it possible to make one that heals demons?

2. Is it possible to change the amount in which a, “hurty” sector (lava, radiation or whatnot) damages a player? (Instead of doing 5-10, doing something different like, 1-2.32489239487238947?)

3. Is it possible to make a sector hurt demons and not the player? Is it possible to have a sector that hurts both demons and players? (Not a crusher, but like, super-hurt-all-creatures-lava.)

4. I’ve seen it done before but I’m yet to find how to do it, how can one change the music during a level? Such as, they cross over a linedef and the music changes.

5. Is it possible to make walls (rather than ceilings and floors) move and (possibly) squish the player or demons?

I think that’s all for now, thanks. :D

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All of these things can't be done without a source port. A good port to start with would be zdoom.
You'll find many tutorials on zdoom.org to do all that stuff you want.
Good luck!

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Most source ports should be able to do so. Zdoom as already mentioned, Legacy can, Vavoom can, Edge most likely can aswell, Eternity can.

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Awesomeular, thanks. While I look, is there any tutorials that anyone can recommend? I'm rather new to the whole scripting thing. And by new I mean yet to start. :P

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I started on ACS scripting for ZDoom just a week ago. It's fairly easy. It took me 2-3 days of playing around with ACS and now I think I could do everything you mentioned. If you go to the above mentioned ZDoom.org - there is a section called TUTORIALS and one called WIKI. These will teach you almost everything you need to know. The best thing to do is: Pick some stuff from the tutorials and the Wiki and try to get it to run. When you've done it, pick the next thing and so on....2-3 days and you're "Da ACS Master".
Also, if you teach youself some basics with the tutorials, this will help you to further specify your questions in this forum (or ZDoom.org forum) and thus, you will get even more specific and helpful replies.
Have fun, ACS is awesome!

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