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Hordes of Chaos 5 .. omg :O

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I've been working on Hordes of Chaos 5 in secret. It looks like 4 won't be the last one after all. I may combine 5 into a big megawad with all of the other HOC maps. Unlike the other HOCs, this one only has 4 maps. They're really damn good, though.

Hell's Belly Button : A romp through a bunch of hellish caves, and a finale in a giant outdoor courtyard.

Emerald Passage : A map from Hobomaster, converted to Heretic. This one needs the most work in terms of thing decorations and monsters.

Fortress Of Fortitude : Another Vermil map. This map blows away anything from HOC 3/4 .. screenshots don't really do it justice. It's massive scale and architecture are really incredible.

Catastrohpic Finale : The last HOC map. Another Vermil map, it has alot of different stuff. Again, blows away anything in HOC 3/4. I'll make sure the last battle is a good one. :P

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Those screenshots look very amazing. And I can say I am looking forward to this. I cannot remember ever seeing such beautiful sights in Heretic.

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I once made a Heretic map (Eidolon's Lair), if you think that it can fit in your mod, at least as a secret room (or map), feel free to use it and edit it as you want (you can find it in the archives).

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