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getting a new RiG

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what up guys I've managed to save up to 3000 Can bucks for a new PC. So should I get a dell? my uncle who knows about computers is advising me to get a dell. but all my gaming pals are telling me to avoid getting a Dell. what's so bad about Dell? I now that parts are exclusive but how often am I going to upgrade? will it run an ATI G800 GT?

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You do not want a dell. More than likely you will have a very hard time upgrading. They use all kinds of neat little methods to ensure that you must go to them if you want to upgrade something.

You're best off building your own system. If you cant, find a company (or even just a friend) that will build the machine for you according to your specifications. You may even save money as well.

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If you have $3000, I suggest buying an Alienware box instead. This is assuming that you don't know much about building your own computer (which, while it's much cheaper, requires much more time and research, as well as patience).

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